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A Productive Workplace

What would a 2-3% production increase per operator mean to your bottom line? Although many of our customers have reported production increases up to 25% to 30% even this small increase will likely provide the Return On Investment that makes your workstation upgrade pay for itself - in a timeframe that is a lot shorter than you think!

A Safe Workplace

A well-designed workplace can significantly reduce injuries from simple and easily avoidable causes like strain injuries from reaching too far, headaches from bad or insufficient lighting or when 6-foot individuals have to bend over a none-adjustable bench that is designed for the "average" person. Other common injuries are caused by repetitive motion because shelving; tools or parts bins are in the wrong position and can't easily be changed or adjusted. Safety and productivity goes hand in hand. Common sense, not OSHA, should make you do it.

A Pleasant Workplace

Enjoyable, nice and satisfying are all words that are synonymous with the word pleasant… and really - why can't the industrial workplace be pleasant, nice and enjoyable? We don't have the mathematical formula to put a $$$ value on improved morale, employee enjoyment and radically minimized employee turnover but we do know, from personal experience in our own careers as well as the testimony customers that happiness is a pretty simple formula for success. Enough said.

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