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Value… Is a relative term because not everyone's values are the same. At Igar we define value as providing our customers with the very best product for the price paid. Yes, the old saying that "you'll get what you pay" might still be true but regardless of what budget you have it's our goal to provide you with the best functioning and the best quality (best welds, best powder coat, best structural strength, best top, etc.) that your money can buy…

Knowledge… We live in the age of Information Technology…. IT for short. Never before in the history of the world have knowledge and information been valued more then now. This knowledge is "built in" to our products…. But more importantly - at Igar we want to share freely with our customers and client the wealth of experience and knowledge that we have amassed with respect to the ergonomic work place… As we discuss your specific project it's our goal to be a partner that will bring insight, experience and knowledge... not just a product.

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